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Measuring the moisture of fresh concrete in a mixer allows the concrete producer to have full control over the final moisture content before the mix is discharged. This ensures that variations due to aggregate wetting/drying during transport from the hopper to the mixer, or variable water pressure are eliminated. There are two options for moisture

Moisture Measurement in a Planetary Concrete Mixer - Hydro

The Hydro-Probe Orbiter is a digital microwave sensor designed specifically to measure moisture and temperature in the mixer. With a choice of mounting optio...

10 Tips On How to Accurately Measure Moisture in Concrete

These tests determine the moisture vapor emission rate of concrete, and can provide a decently reliable estimate of moisture conditions in the surface of a concrete slab. However, they can be greatly affected by ambient humidity conditions, so be sure to use a thermo-hygrometer to test the relative humidity (RH) near the testing area.

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Concrete Moisture Sensors are used for accurate measurement of the moisture ... microwave sensor for measurement of moisture in wide range of Mixers

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This sensor controls the amount of moisture in each batch, which helps create a more homogeneous mix. From start to finish, the replacement process took about ...

High Accuracy Real-Time Sensor for Measuring Concrete Moisture

The new PCE Instruments real-time moisture sensor allows very accurate measurement of moisture content inside concrete mixers, this guarantees the quality of ...

Moisture Sensors for concrete, grain, asphalt and animal feed

Moisture Sensors for concrete, asphalt, grain, animal feed from Hydronix. ... Bin/Silo Asphalt - Conveyor Clay Bricks - Conveyor Concrete - Planetary Mixer Concrete - Planetary Mixer (Installation) Crushed Coal - conveyor Grain and Rice Grain - Ducting Grain - Chain / En Masse Conveyor Rice ... digital moisture sensor for measurement of ...

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There are two options for moisture measurement in mixers: flush mounted sensors that are fitted to the floor of the concrete mixer, or 'in- mix' sensors that either ...

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This moisture-sensing instrument ensures consistent batches. Probes are available in 4 sizes and can be adapted to most mixers requiring "no slump" concrete.

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A sensor (100) measures slump and rheological characteristics of the concrete and is connected to a system (12) that adjusts the slump by monitoring the sensor (100) within the interior surface of a concrete mixer (10) and controlling liquid additions.

Humboldt Mfg. Co., Concrete RH Moisture Meter Kit with BluePeg

Concrete RH/Moisture Meter Kit with BluePeg Sensor features high accuracy relative humidity, temperature and dew point.

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Item 1 - 10 of 10 ... Hydronix, Moisture sensor, HM08, Hydro-Mix, Hydro-probe, HP04, mixer. ... Miosture sensors. Digital sensors for accurate measurement of moisture in aggregates, concrete and asphalt. Subcategories ...

Hydronix Hydro-Mix Moisture Sensors for Concrete Mixers

Hydronix Hydro-Mix Moisture Sensors for Concrete Mixers are rugged, flush mounted microwave moisture measurement sensors for mixers and conveyors.

EP2977163A1 - Concrete mixture measurement sensor

Another object of the invention is to provide a concrete mixing control apparatus further having a moisture sensor attached to the interior surface of the mixer ...

Concrete slump measurement and control system - Katzeff

Additionally, the preferred embodiment has a moisture sensor 20 and temperature sensor 21 within the mixer 10. This allows the user to further control the concrete. The moisture sensor 20 and temperature sensor 21 are operably connected to the computer processing unit 19.

Hydro-Probe Orbiter - PROTEM Group

Moisture measuring inside the mixer of a concrete production plant for cementitious and precast products is completely mandatory, given that controlling and ...

Hydro Probe | Concrete Ready Mix Moisture Sensor For Water

The Hydro-Probe II is a digital moisture sensor that is designed to measure moisture continuously in the flow of material across the ceramic sensor faceplate. Measuring at 25 times per second the sensor detects rapid changes in moisture, providing a linear digital or analogue output.

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Microwave moisture sensor for mixer, by using its digital microwave technology ... The commissioning of a concrete plant for the construction of the second metro ...

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hydronix concrete moisture sensor-installed in mixer 圆柱型MIX湿度传感器 - hydro Products Made In United Kingdom, China Trading Company. The Mix is a rugged, flush mounted microwave moisture measurement sensor for mixers and conveyors in process control environments. Designed by Hydronix to be installed in the turbulent environment of a mixer, the Hydro-Mix features integral signal ...